Where are you located?

    Born and raise in Singapore, however I have settle in few places such as Thailand, Malaysia and Australia for business and study purposes.

    What type of service do you provide?

    I do Product, Wedding, Event and Portrait photography.

    What is your style of Photography?

    Generally I love taking a documentary type of photography. I love to capture pure candid shot and document as I see it.

    Is this your full-time Job?

    Yes, after working as an Elementary school teacher for 12 years. I decided this is what I want to do.

    Is your Business registered?

    Yes, It is registered. The registration number can be found at the footer.

    Have you have any experience prior to doing this?

    I was a School Photographer, taking event and occassionally I would take engagement photo in the weekend. Currently I'm involved in doing a portrait session for aspiring Models.

    How do I book you?

    Its simple, all you need to do is contact me at the 'contact me page' Specified what type of service do you need help with.

    What are your rate?

    It's depend on the type of service you need. Here are the general guide for pricing.

    For a full wedding session of 8 hours start at $1290SGD
    Portrait session in the studio per person starts at $200SGD
    Outdoor portrait session per person starts at $350SGD
    Group/family session starts at $300
    Product photography per image starts at $15
    Event per hour starts at $180SGD

    Ofcourse this is my general guide of how I price my service. Please contact me, we can discussed a budget that suits your need.

    How long does it take for you to deliver the finishing product?

    Generally its takes about 5 working days for a small project. However it varies from service to service.
    It can take as much as 6 weeks for a full wedding as it takes time for editing and proofing.

    Do you deliver other media beside Jpg?

    Yes, upon request, you can opt for printing, album or CD/DVD
    ofcourse delivering the files to you would be much quicker and cheaper option. You can always print the files yourself.