• Sangkhlaburi Thailand

    This shot was taken in front of the check point heading to Sangkhlaburi. I rode my motocycle from Sangkhlaburi to this spot its about 15km from Sangkhlaburi town. I setup my tripod along the edge of the bridge and took my shot. The weather wasn’t actually perfect. Therefore I had to bracket three exposure from my camera and merge in HDR. Tweak alittle and here is the end result. Quite happy with how it turns out.

    I had the privillage to witness and able to capture the morning fog that hovered the Mon Bridge. When I saw the man puddle towards the bridge and and waited for the moment when he pass by the tree trunk that stuck out of the water.

    There is something about those misty looking images. It gives a scene of mystery. A woman walk on the Mon bridge selling good. If you come to Sangkhlaburi you should never miss taking a walk on the bridge. It is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand.